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Our Top 5 Christmas Gift Ideas from Parramatta Bike Tours 🎄

Stand out from the crowd this festive season and give your family, friends or colleagues a Christmas gift they really want - choice!

With a Parramatta Bike Tour gift voucher, you can choose your preferred amount of voucher value on our easy online system which helps you have your Christmas gifts sorted in seconds.

With experiences available such as bike hire, bike tours or bike servicing, you can be sure you never give a boring gift ever again.

If you are stuck on what your giftee (or you) can spend the voucher on, we’ve got you covered. Check out our list for our 5 top suggested gift ideas:

  • For only $25 you can gift someone a Discovery Lunch Ride with bike hire included!

  • With a $50 voucher you or your loved one could discover the fun of riding an e-bike for a day.

  • A $75 gift card could allow you to take a friend or special someone on a 2 hour guided tour, including bike hire, with $5 to spare for additional accessories.

  • With $100 you and one other person could cruise on an e-bike for a full day.

  • Do you have a group you wanna spoil for the holidays? You could use a $150 gift card to take 4 people on an Explorer tour, including bike hire and a pannier.

  • Go all out with a $200 gift card which could get you a private tour catered to your interests for up to 6 people, bike hire for two people and a pannier to carry your belongings on the adventure!

Did you know? When you purchase a gift card from us you are investing in the community. All profits from these vouchers create employment opportunities and are reinvested into various programs that focus on supporting people, place and country.

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