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Our Community

As a social enterprise our programs help to support our mission; bring people together and empower them through cycling.


This is a really easy concept for others to get on board with; for those donating old bikes, for volunteers that help us fix the bikes or ride with us, and for the migrant women or disengaged and socially isolated youth who will use a bike to help improve their lives.

Volunteering with our organised social rides offers opportunities to gain skills leading group rides and working towards safer cycling connections for all.

Gain experience and knowledge in trip planning, risk and group management for leading social rides in local areas. Discover new destinations, share riding stories and support more people riding bikes safely.

Volunteering With our bike repair program offers opportunities to gain skills in a workshop using a variety of tools and working with other like-minded people while repairing bikes for the community.

Gain experience and knowledge working with bikes by removing parts for sorting and cleaning or carrying out minor repairs. Build your confidence with basic bike maintenance


We are always looking for new opportunities and initiatives to further our mission and build new relationships. Contact us now to start the conversation.

Want to be part of the team and make a difference?

Volunteer today!

Volunteers from the general public, local community groups and corporate partners play a significant role in helping us achieve our community goals in society.

We are extremely grateful for the contributions each volunteer makes to our work and could not do it without them!

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Give us a hand & start making a difference

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