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Cycling Barriers: How To Overcome Them

We all have stuff that gets in the way of what we want to do, but we don’t have to (or at least not as often as we let them).

Here are 10 cycling barriers and how to overcome them:

  1. No Time: Plan your rides and keep your equipment neat and handy so that you can get out the door in no time.

  2. Bad Weather: Invest in one or two quality items such as a comfortable rain jacket and warm winter cycling joggers so you can forget about your bad-weather excuses. Additionally, investigate the indoor options you have around your area.

  3. Traffic: If you are concerned about riding next to a steady stream of cars on the road, you aren’t wrong. However, this can be avoided by getting out early in the morning and/or at odd hours or avoiding busy roads altogether.

  4. Too Tired: Try to schedule your rides for times in the day where your energy levels are at their highest. If that doesn’t work, put together a playlist of your favourite songs to get you pumping and motivated to ride. Remember that energy encourages energy, so after just a few minutes of being active, you’ll feel much better.

  5. Not in form: Don’t analyse your metrics and performance whilst riding, instead just go out and ride! The best way to eventually get back Into form is to just get on your bike and ride.

  6. Helmet Hair: Wanting to avoid bad helmet hair is a major reason for many to avoid a quick cycle. A few strategies which can get you back on your bike are using dry shampoo or texturising sprays post-ride, putting your long hair in a braid or low bun.

  7. Too Expensive: Look for local schemas or discounts and join communities such as ours. Further, come visit us at the Hub for a cheap yearly bike library membership so you can borrow a bike anytime of the year at any time you like!

  8. Not Confident: Trying something new can be daunting at first, but after some time, your confidence will increase as do your skills. If you need some help with your confidence, come visit us at the Hub for some bike skills tips or join us for a bike confidence class!

  9. Too Much to Carry: Eliminate the things you don’t need and use a pannier bag or backpack for your belongings that are essential for your trip. You can attach small trailers for any heavy loads.

  10. Lack of Storage: There are many innovative ways to store your bike in your home such as ceiling and wall attachments. For street storage, you can use a lock to ensure your bike is safe and stored on pathways.

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