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We are still open for Bike Hire

We are still open for bike hire to keep you active during the #nswlockdown 🚲

Here’s how our contactless bike hire works:

- Book and pay for your preferred bicycle and time slot on the “bike hire” page on our website.

- Our team will have your bike secured outside the Hub doors for your designated time slot.

- Show up for your bike hire appointment outside the Hub and scan the QR code to sign in.

- Alert staff of your arrival by calling them and asking for the lock code in order to unlock the bicycle from its secure position.

- After you have finished your ride, return the bikes to the Hub by parking them outside the doors and call staff to alert them of your return.

- Staff will then disinfect all bikes prior to entering them back into the Hub, ready for their next adventure.

If you have any questions regarding the process or want to chat more about how it works, then please call us on our phone or message us via social media or our website.


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