Holroyd Gardens

Follow the shared path between Parramatta and Harris Park Stations where signs lead the way under M4, connecting with a cycleway along Abecket creek. This section is a continuous path not requiring the crossing of any of the busy motorways. Turning left at the sports oval path continues into Holroyd Gardens where the old Brick Pit towers form part of the street landscape of housing development. What was once a hole in the ground became a place for leisure and recreation.

Holroyd Gardens is a public park with a wide-open space for specific events such as Australia day. The Public area can be accessed via own car or public transport at Merrylands station.

Features of this track include:

  • A playground

  • Learn to ride track

  • Picnic space 

  • Toilets

  • Old brickworks

  • Car park

holroyd garden bick pit.png